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Frequently asked questions
What is a payday loan?

It is like getting your pay before your payday. This is designed for individuals who fall short of small amount of cash way before their payday. The loan amount approved is directly based on your monthly income. And most important part is the repayment, which is usually on the day you receive your paycheck.

How much cash I can have as a loan?

You can apply for a cash amount ranging from $100 - $1,500. However, the approved cash amount totally depends on your financial circumstances (income and expenses).

What are the required eligibility criteria to get loan?

The must haves for obtaining a payday loan are; citizenship of Canada, minimum age 18 years of the applicant, permanent employment and a valid bank account.

I work part time. Is it acceptable?

Yes. You must have a permanent income source to obtain a payday loan. Even if you are part time employed you can get a small amount cash advance.

Loan repayment process, how can I repay it?

The loan amount is directly debited from your account on the loan due date. So, make sure you have sufficient funds in your account by due date to avoid late payment penalty.

I have loan defaults in past, can I still obtain these loans?

Yes. These loans are approved on basis of your regular monthly income and expenses. This means if you can afford the loan you can get one.

What if I miss the repayment on due date?

Just like any other loan account, you might have to pay additional amount as a late payment penalty. Further delay in repayment can make the loan more expensive while it might hurt your credit rating as well.