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Privacy Policy

By submitting a loan application on this website you grant permission to be contacted by the lenders to offer you a payday loan. We receive your details in encrypted format and forward this information to lenders for processing of your loan request.

We do not use your personal information but only forward it to lenders who offer quick payday loans in your region. The lenders would contact your via phone and email to provide credit options and other related services. They might also share with you offers and deals on the products or services that may be very useful for you.

You will not receive any call/email from our company. However in case you are contacted by any person claiming to be our representative, just completely ignore them. Notify us of any such acts and we will take necessary measures to stop such scam.

Our privacy policies get updated with time to time. So, you should read these policies every time an application is submitted on this website. Even if you have read these once, just review it every time to make sure there are no changes in policy that can change anytime.